Huun Huur Tu: The Throat Singers of Tuva will perform at 8 p.m. April 12. At Kirk Road and Pine Street, Batavia. Call (630) 840-2787 or How much: $14-$28

5 things to do: ‘The Spitfire Grill’ - Aurora Beacon News

4/12 - Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory - Batavia, IL
4/13 - CSPS Hall - Cedar Rapids, IA
4/16 - Musical Instrument Museum - MIM - Phoenix, AZ
4/17 - Harris Center/Three Stages at Folsom Lake College - Folsom, CA

More Huun Huur Tu dates here: Get Ancestors Call on iTunes:

Just as it took me away, though, it made me thankful to be right here, in Eastern Iowa, where we are lucky enough to have the opportunity to see artists like Eastwood. I could stop the review here, with just one word: phenomenal.

…The night ended — after a song that Eastwood says he debuted at Jazz in Marciac, the most famous of France’s small, intimate jazz festivals — with a heartfelt standing ovation.

Terakaft Interview (by Chad Walton)

Check out Terakaft’s Q&A session after their Legion Arts show in Cedar Rapids last Sunday.

Tonight they’re at La Maison Francaise in DC!