Terakaft interviewed on New York Music Daily

"Malian Desert Blues Legends Look Forward to Their US Debut at Drom Saturday Night

Popular, mystically psychedelic, politically-fueled Malian desert blues legends Terakaft make history with their US debut this coming Saturday night, March 9, an intimate show at Drom at 85 Ave. A in the East Village. They hit the stage a little after eight…and there’s still time to win free admission to see the concert, no purchase necssary, just hit the “reply” button at the bottom of this page with your name and email address, first come first served, we’re giving away five pairs of tix.

With their signature mix of thougthful insight and sheer inscrutability, the band graciously took some time out of their worldwide tour to chat a little:

New York Music Daily: The first question anybody asks if they know somebody in Mali is, “Are you ok?” As all of us know there has been a terrible conflict going on in Mali – have you found yourselves in danger?

Diara (founding member and guitarist) : I am ok because I live in a safe place. I am not in danger, but our families from northern Mali had to fly out because of the danger there…

NYMD: Lyrics are very important in your music. How do you feel about playing for an audience that doesn’t understand them? To what degree if at all can you communicate your message to them?

Pino (percussion): We’re starting to think about that. At the beginning, during our first western tours, we didn’t really consider, do people understand our words ? Now we meet more and more people. We try to help them sometimes, giving them some keys to understanding what the next song is about…

NYMD: Your music is sometimes categorized here in the west as “desert blues.” How do you feel about that?

Sanou: We call it “assouf”. But desert blues or desert rock sounds good…